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All Plast Polymer Yazd products are completely in accordance with national and international standards.

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Plast polymer yazd started its activity with the production of nylon,industrial sharing and pallet covers up to 5 meters wide in 1385 in an area of 4000 square meters located in Valiasr insdustrial park of Zarch.
to be in line with marketing and technology and to manufacture new products, this company started a new production line of polyethylene and polypropylene pipes in 1386.in 1387, with the addition of wide nylon line-up to8 meters wide-for greenhouse and construction purposes took another step to meet the needs of our custiners.
due to the incresement of customers demands and the proof of the product competence in comparison to other cover pallets applied in packaging tile and ceramics products,the company bought a perforating automatic sewing machine from tyrkey in 1391 and incresed the production rate.

Research and development is one the updating and developing factors in different companies.Plast polymer yazd has always been trying to improve the quality of its products by applying the latest technology of the world.Research and development section of the company has been continously active in analysing different fields.

Considering the importance of the quality of raw material,TENSIL,MFI and other experiments related to raw material and nylon products are done in this company.other experiments such as hitting,crack,shuttel,etc also alone for polyethylene and polypropylene pipes.
it is obvious that the reports gathered in this section are submited to the afficials to increase the quality level of the products.

After taking orders from customers,the company manufacture its products appling best raw materials and various additives by skillful personel and high quality machines.in this respect,the company is ready to perform and analysis any special demands of its customers in designing and commercial section.



Plast Polymer Yazd determines its purposes and startegies as follows :
1.having customers-satifaction throgh improving the quality of services and one time delivery.
2.improving the effectiveness of the quality system in order to reduce duplication and reduce the time of giving services.
3.training human resources in order to promote scientific and technical knowlage of the personal and increse the productivity.
4.joint management.
5.increasing the efficiency and speed in production due to the above mentioned points,all our personel are asked to take seriouse actions by strict implementation of relevant procedures and guidlines to achieve the policy.

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Factory:Zone 2 ,Valiasr insdustrial park of Zarch,Yazd